More News from Nowhere

WebVTT support, CSS and more2022-11-12

I’m happy to announce that the support for WebVTT format and all the nice features that it brings is finished. Read More

Subtitle Composer 0.7.1 released2021-10-05

I’m happy to announce the 0.7.1 release of Subtitle Composer. Read More

AppImage and Windows builds are online2021-05-05

After Windows/AppImage builds got broken on Travis CI due to Ubuntu Trusty EOL - new build scripts have been made. Read More

Linux builds are online on openSUSE Build Service2020-12-02

I am happy to announce that linux builds are online openSUSE Build Service. Currently there are scripts building binaries for: Arch Linux (x86_64) Debian 10, Unstable and Testing openSUSE Tumbleweed... Read More

Adventures with gamma transfer functions and video colorspace conversions2020-10-18

Recently I wrote Video Player from scratch for Subtitle Composer that relies only on FFmpeg for decoding, OpenGL for rendering video and OpenAL for playing audio. Read More
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